Hoobn precision stamping and injection mold is the core technology ,developed out of precision moulds have the decisive role in the mold industry. Over ten years of mold factory, Hoobn now have more than 30 professional engineers and technicians who specialize in products design and molding developing.
Because of our fidelity to superior quality now have invested substantially in our CAD/CAM-equipped mold design center. All the products are manufactured by CNC & automated mould-making machineries.

    Hoobn introduced the first large-scale CNC machining centers, to promote mold production from traditional Manufacturing to information technology. Now the company has a rich experience in mold design and manufacturing teams, the establishment of a complete CAD/CAM/CAE system, the implementation of the mold manufacturing process information management, and use of advanced E-man software enterprise management.

  CNC mold manufacturing equipment   Precision mold processing workshop

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